Tuesday 20 February 2018

Why Jumping Into The Back Of Your Closet Might Actually Be "On Trend"

Ah fashion, constantly changing and evolving. Everyone trying to jump on the trends of the now, including myself (Lord do I want like 10 Baker Boy hats and I can't find my old ones). And something that has come to my attention is that we do indeed recycle the trends of yesterday. For example, Baker Boy hats (yes, I'm obsessed). They aren't a new trend, they've been around for ages. I remember wearing them in primary school along with my multitude of various hats that I rocked without a care in the world. The funny thing is, before the Baker Boy hat came back, my mum dragged hers out from the back of the cupboard and we started wearing it again.  Then suddenly, like some sort of coincidence, they were back. Everywhere. And now I want to by every colour and style I see because that's just how it is. 

We always want to keep up with what's going on in the fashion world and make sure we are on trend, thinking we have to spend money to do so. But the funniest thing is you'll probably find that that particular trend you are dying to dive into is living somewhere in the back of your wardrobe. So why not dive in there?

You don't have to have latest and greatest thing on the market to be "fash-on" because you will probably have something similar from your past that may be somewhat similar. 
Take this dress for example. This blue and white striped flannel shirt dress is a few years old (I think) and from Primark. Why am I mentioning it and trying to connect it to my thought process you ask? Well, WeWoreWhat's Danielle Bernstein recently purchased something rather similar on Zara. See the picture below. 

Credit: WeWoreWhat / Instagram
Dress - Primark (old) (Danielle's Zara version) / Shoes - Mango (AW17) / Bag - Charles & Keith (old season, similar style

Yep, rather similar right? I bought this dress a good 2 years ago and here it is on Zara in a very similar style. Funny that, huh?
It just amazes me sometimes how we continue to buy and sell or chuck away pieces that we know at some point we're going to remember and think, "Well damn, should've kept it because now it's in style."
Moral of the story; the piece you buy is versatile and simple, with a staple print or style that you know will never go away, then don't chuck it away. 

I can easily style up this dress with heels or sneakers or ballerinas like I have here (with my very Miu Miu-esque flats). I can accessorize with silver-tone accents or gold-tone. Even though it's a simple piece, it's versatile and will last me a long time. Yes, it may leave the trend seen but I guarantee that checkered patterns will never go away. Hello, Burberry's whole brand is based around it. 

So really what I'm trying to say here is - you don't have to jump on the latest trend to be fashion forward. Find those old pieces you love and restyle them your way. Whether that be simple or statement. That's what's great about fashion, there are endless possibilities. 

Lots of Love, 

Emily xx


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