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Paris Fashion Week is unlike the others, because it spans over two weeks and there are so many shows it's unreal. It literally starts on the last day of MFW (25th Feb) and runs all the way until March 5th (3 days ago). That's 9 days of fashion. Now I have to tackle every day that PFW has to offer because it's the biggest, most of my favourite designers show at PFW and it's Paris, duh. But that means I could be here for days on end. So here's the deal: I've limited myself to two/three designers from each day of PFW otherwise we will be here until the next fashion month is upon us.  9 days, 2-3 designers, a quick round-up and a bunch of pictures. I think I'm going to need a break after this. Okay, here goes. 

(Side note: I realised four designers into the March dates that I completely forgot February, so what I thought was day one was actually day five. I sat in shock for about 5 minutes, then got my s*** together and ploughed on. The effort has been real.)

FEBRUARY 25th - 28th


*claps hands furiously* Honestly, Jacquemus have become on of my favourite brands right now so I was truly looking forward to this show. The fact that it started PFW just makes my day. First of all, did you see the invites? The teenie tiny Le Chiquito with a tiny envelope invite - goals. Those bags keep getting smaller and cuter, I love it and need one. Strong silhouettes that are just effortless and I can see being worn so easily during any time of year. Love. Love. Love. (Image Credit: Alessandro Lucioni via Vogue)



Maria Grazia Chiuri made her statement clear; "Sisterhood Is Global" - hell yeah it is. We're woman and we are unapologetic. There's an influence of the 90's in this AW19 collection, a trend that everyone is loving right now. Dior has been a brand on my mind with it's romantic essence and this season, this romance takes a serious stance. The French fashion house gives the logo belt a refresh with a thick waist style and a D gold tag that is instantly iconic. (Image Credit: Alessandro Lucioni via Vogue)



No words. Which is the same thing I say every time I see a Saint Laurent show. The fashion house continuously owns it for me. It's total Parisian chic. I want a wardrobe full of YSL, live in Paris and just walk around feeling fine as hell. I'm here for the shorts, polka dot tights and wide brim hat style. Also that last section of the show with the black light? That was completely unexpected but amazing. (Image Credit: Salvatore Dragone via Vogue)



Natacha Ramsay-Levi continues to deliver sweet pieces that are perfect for everyday wear. This AW19 collection has confidence in uneven silhouettes and prints that will fit into your wardrobe easily. Chloé is an easily loved brand, the bags being on every fashion girl's mind, and so will these pieces. Perfect for city chic. (Image Credit: Filippo Fior via Vogue)


I feel that this AW19 collection really sums up the brand - French cool girl. Full of neutrals, these are versatile pieces that any of us could rock. The structured shoulders, belted silhouettes and balloon style pants - these are all calling my name. (Image Credit: Daniele Oberrauch via Vogue)



The brand of the moment, the one that literally shot out in the world and took everyone's attention and the one I won't stop hearing about from my little brother. Virgil Abloh completely delivers for the upcoming season. Now I'll be honestly, I usually only saw the graphic prints and street-style wear from Off-White but this collection is more than that. This has got strong woman written all over it. There are strong silhouettes that are feminine, but are countered by the racing checkered flag motif and sneakers. That champagne silver jumpsuit - hi, I love you. Am I this close to wasting money I don't have on Off-White? Yes, yes I am. (Image Credit: Alessandro Lucioni)


MARCH 1st - 5th


Oh Olivier, je t'aime. This collection was ultimate Parisian cool girl and I am alive for it. Take all my money, Balmain, just take it. From the black and white openers to the pastel tones, dramatic silhouettes, super sheers, denim and everything in between, this collection made me feel warm inside. I won't lie, the couture collection from the fashion house was not my cup of tea but this AW19 collection is what I need my wardrobe to be. I'm going to give this a "dangerous woman" vibe because it feels confident, straight forward and unapologetic. (Image Credit: Daniele Oberrauch via Vogue)



There have been so many jokes and cries about missing the "old Celine", but Hedi Slimane showed us that old Celine isn't gone - this is the original Celine. This is classic Parisian woman and it's perfect. Culottes, denim, capes, tweed - it's a collection that oozes everyday chic with a nod to the 70's/80's. These are the kind of outfits that the #parisianstyle tag on Instagram would kill for, the styles that Pinterest girls have already saved in their boards. It's a collection I personally want in my wardrobe. It also tells me that anything can look good with a pair of aviators and statement boots. C'est magnifique, merci Hedi! (Image Credit: Isidore Montag via Vogue)



Thigh highs, statement colours, a little bit of sequins - that's my summary for Elie Saab. This collection for AW19 has a strong elegance behind it that I really enjoy. They are not looks for the everyday, that's for sure, but they are perfect for the occasions when you want to make a statement effortlessly. Who knew that evening wear could be so good with thigh high boots? I mean, I'm buying into it. (Image Credit: Filippo Fior via Vogue)



This AW19 collection has a minimal feel, yet the statement is serious. The pieces are timeless and could be worn season after season, styling in the same way or differently. Now for me personally, and I think a lot of us, we look at Hermès for the accessory craftsmanship and don't pay enough attention to their apparel. This collection makes me kind of regret that because these are beautiful pieces that can easily fit into a fashion girl's wardrobe without so much of a debate. The colour palette is versatile, as are the designs, which makes me want to invest (or imitate the styling). Just a big YES to Hermès for this collection. I can see it being a source of inspiration for Autumn Winter this year. (Image Credit: Filippo Fior via Vogue)



Balenciaga has become a brand that everybody is after - whether it be for the logo prints, the Knife style footwear or the Dad sneakers (I can't with those, I'm not sorry). This collection was not the street-style that everyone lusts after. No, this was minimal tailored chic. We're talking suits on suits, and I approve. This Balenciaga AW19 collection says "I mean business". Yes there were some pieces that nodded to street-style and will probably be across my Instagram feed by AW19, but overall it was a serious show. Also, there were Balenciaga logo print tights and I guarantee you all the fashion girls will have them. (I still prefer the Gucci ones though). (Image Credit: Alessandro Lucioni via Vogue)



Clare Waight Keller has been the designer everyone wants after dressing The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, for her wedding to Prince Harry last year and not to forget that beautiful strapless gown at her surprise appearance during the British Fashion Awards to present an award to Waight Keller. Givenchy has always been a brand for the power woman and continues to be. Tailoring is what every woman wants right now and Givenchy delivers. I've always loved Givenchy, the fashion house never disappoints me and it hasn't for AW19. (Image Credit: Alessandro Lucioni via Vogue)



This AW19 collection has a playful artistry with Renaissance influence. The bold statue and floral prints transforms otherwise tailored pieces into ones with a new edge. It's a Modern Renaissance if you will. I don't what else to say really, it's just a beautiful collection that is perfect for the modern woman. (I've probably said that a lot about most collections, but that's really how I feel). (Image Credit: Alessandro Lucioni via Vogue)


Remember when Miranda Priestly said "Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking", yeah well Giambattista Valli brought florals to AW19. That's groundbreaking. Pretty pink and purple small floral prints are so sweet and feminine, which will brighten up the cooler days of Autumn Winter. The high-low dress hem lines are to die for, I need one of these dresses. This collection is for the girly-girl within and I love it. (Image Credit: Alessandro Lucioni via Vogue)



The British fashion house has always had a darker edge that hasn't always been my style. However over the past few years, some of the pieces I love. The punk-rocker in me says yes. The combination of dark and feminine works incredibly well. Personally I don't think anyone does it as well as Alexander McQueen. Just take a look at the AW19 collection and see for yourself. (Image Credit: Filippo Fior via Vogue)



The final Chanel show under the direction of Karl Lagerfeld and it was definitely an emotional one. I always love the sets of the Chanel shows because they really set the scene and this set made me want to be the French Alps rolling around in snow. This was high fashion for the slopes, for those luxury getaways to the snowy mountains and now I need all of it plus the holiday. The classic tweed that I desperately need (one day Em, one day) and the fur-pompom style white skirts are so sweet. Penelope Cruz made a surprise appearance walking the runway and looked super cute, like a snow princess. I absolutely adored this collection and was so grateful for Karl's vision. Au revoir, Karl. Merci pour votre créativité et votre dévouement à la mode. Puisse votre héritage vivre. (Image Credit: Alessandro Lucioni via Vogue)



Nicholas Ghesquière gives LV a punk, dynamic edge for AW19 that is different to everything we've seen before from the brand. They are eye-catching, modern and statement. Not necessarily my style, but there's something I truly enjoy about this collection. For me, I would probably style out one of the pieces separately so that the LV piece would be front and centre. The blue jumpsuit is a piece I absolutely adore with electric blue boots - I would wear that full outfit. The subtle touches of the iconic Monogram that don't overwhelm but tie everything together. (Image Credit: Filippo Fior via Vogue)


Et enfin, nous avons fini

You have no idea how long this took or how tired I am now. BUT it was totally worth it. I mean look at all this beautiful fashion? All the pieces I want to buy or copy (most likely copy). I'm not going to write too much more because you've probably had enough, if you've got to the end. Most likely, you probably didn't get passed Saint Laurent. Yep. If you did, you deserve a medal or a gift - so message me, I owe you (seriously, a gift will be sent your way). 

Here it is, the end of fashion month. We made it. I look forward to the next one! Maybe I'll be at shows rather than looking at things on the internet, who knows?! I'd love to look into other fashion weeks that maybe don't get enough attention. I could do Colombo Fashion Week (easy because I'm pretty much in Sri Lanka 24/7) or even Copenhagen, I've heard that's a hit. So let's see where that takes. But for now, I say goodbye. I'm off to nap for the next 5 hours. 

Lots of Love, 

Emily xx


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