Monday 1 April 2019

The Tights All The Fashion Girls Are Wearing & How To Wear Them

Tights used to be the under-accessory for protection from the cold. Tad windy? Pull on a pair of tights. Wearing them with your school uniform, with dresses that were a tad too short, sometimes even under your jeans because you need that extra layer. Well, tights are way more fashion now. I mean right now. 

Have you seen those Gucci tights? They are plastered everywhere on Instagram and of course, I want them. But you don't have to have a pair of designer stitched tights to be on trend.

This is a trend I can get on board with because a.) I like tights, b.) I like warmth and c.) It's super Parisian chic. Pairing a pair of opaque tights with shorts, a mini skirt or a mini dress is classic, but the new style that's making me fall head first is pairing tights with open toe sandals. Yes open toe heeled sandals. There's something about this style that has me going; "yep, need to that immediately". 

It's perfect for a day-to-night look, cute for date nights and just overall a change for your wardrobe. You know you have that pair of cute summer sandals that maybe aren't ready to be out just yet, but they don't have to lie in wait to be worn. Pick a pair of tights and wear them. 

Here's all the inspiration you need to get you into this whole thing. I mean if you don't look at these images and go "ugh, I need tights", then we're all doing something wrong. (All images via Instagram).

(via The Parisian Chique & Shesfarrout)

(via Elaisaya & HeyHeiga)

(via CamilleCharriere & MissChelseaMurphy)

(via WeWoreWhat & SongOfStyle)

I have no patterned tights on me right now, so I've paired some basic Primark opaque tights with my Charles & Keith black sandals I got over the Holidays. My ideal pairing with this outfit would be a cute little black dress, like my ASOS sweetheart dress or a black baby doll style dress with a bit of flare at the skirt for a playful side. Finished off with some pearl clips, I'd be good to go. 

I could easily switch up the plain tights in this outfit with a small polka dot style or even designer logo tights (yes I'm still thinking of the Gucci ones. No I don't care if everyone has them.) 

When you think about it, tights are an essential for any fashion girl. They can take those cute Spring-Summer pieces and instantly transition them to Fall-Winter with the right accessories. Personally, I would make excuses to invest in some good tights. 

Here are my top tights picks right now, from designer to high street:

Are you into the tights trend? And how far would you take it? Simple pattern or logomania? Also, how would you style it best? 

Let me know!

Lots of love, 

Emily xx


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