Monday 7 June 2021

A Lockdown Life Update: How I’ve Been Feeling Lately

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We are in the thick of lockdown (or “travel restrictions” as its been labelled) here in Sri Lanka and honestly, I’m kind of done with it which is completely unlike me. Last year lockdown, I was absolutely fine and happy but this one? I have no idea why but there’s something about this time around where I’m like “no thanks, I’m good without this.” It’s completely natural, I know that everyone’s probably felt this way at one point of another. 

What has made it a little bit more rubbish this time around is that my energy levels have completely plummeted into the abyss. The last few months I was on a rocket to the moon; working out pretty much everyday, and I mean HIIT workouts, getting work done, being a busy bee. But now, I’m like... blah. And it absolutely sucks. 

Anyone deal with this? You’re on a roll and you don’t think anything could stop you and then you just completely face plant to the floor? Raise your hand if you have or are feeling this way because I need to not feel guilty, haha.

I definitely went to bed last night saying “I need change” and in circumstances where you can’t change everything, you have to change something. So I switched up my routine a little bit. Now it’s only the afternoon here so I can’t tell you if this routine works, but one thing I will say is; change up the schedule, do not stick to the same mundane routine you’ve been in. Seems easier said than done when you’re in lockdown right? Well there’s just different things you can add and remove from your routine that might make it feel a little bit better.

Also, don’t forget that Mercury is in retrograde and if all else fails, blame your lack of energy, motivation and focus on that because we can all use a scapegoat at times.

So far here, lockdown is said to continue until June 21st, but even that is uncertain. Who knows what’ll happen in the coming days or weeks? All I’ll say is, if you’re feeling a bit blah, I’m definitely with you; you’re not alone. And remember it’s okay to feel like that, whether it’s a short or long period of time, just ride the wave of it. Sometimes you just have to. Look after yourself first before you push yourself too far.

I’m going to be following up this post with another this week on the things I’m doing to keep my energy refreshed. So stay tuned! 

Until then, I hope you’re all staying safe and well. Sending you lots of love,

Emily xx


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